PNA Update (Parkview HDLC Expansion)


Parkview Neighbors:

Below is the full recap email from the meeting between the City Council Relations Director and the PNA board on Thursday, December 22, 2016. Unfortunately, the PDF he speaks to is too heavy for a mass email so we will either post it to the Facebook page or, if you would like to, reach out to me directly and we can make arrangements. We have done our best to translate this process into simpler terms. 
In Summary:
Paul Harang stated the introduction of the demolition ordinance was a mistake and he takes personal responsibility for it.  The ordinance will be withdrawn and will not be considered by the City Council.  If the HDLC and the Law Department determine that it’s imperative to change the existing definition of demolition, they will be reach out to us and others for input on a draft ordinance before anything is introduced. In other words, the redefinition of “Demolition” is halted for now.
Expected Timelines*:
12/15/16: The motion to create the Parkview Historic District was passed. There is a 90 day expiration date to create and pass an ordinance in order for this to become law. In other words, the 12/15 vote was to suggest City Council move forward to create an ordinance (law) and that motion expires on 3/15/17.
1/12/17: An ordinance in the same language as the 12/15 motion will be introduction at the City Council Meeting. 
2/9/17: The ordinance will likely be on the City Council agenda for a vote
3/9/17: If the ordinance is not already voted on, this is the last scheduled Council meeting to take action before the motion expires on 3/15. 
*At any time, there is a possibility that the City Council will hold a special meeting which means our expected timeline above can be fluid.
Look for an invitation from me regarding the date of our January Board meeting where we discuss our next steps.
As always, please continue to communicate any suggestions or recommendations. And remember, we are still looking for passionate and energetic people to represent the PNA as a board member in 2017.
Thank you PNA Board
Below is letter from  Paul Harang (Director of City Council Relations):
Thank you for taking the time to meet with Ross and me last night on such short notice.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk through the HDLC expansion issue with you all.
As promised, please see below for a summary of where things currently stand.
HDLC Expansion:
At its December 15 meeting, the City Council passed a motion authorizing the expansion of the HDLC to include demolition review in Parkview and Mid City.  I have attached a copy of that motion to this email.  I’ve also attached the City Planning Commission staff report, which is the legislative instrument that defines “partial control” in the case of Mid-City and Parkview as demolition only.  Pages 25-27 of the report summarize the planning commission’s vote to make the partial control districts demolition only.
The next step in the legislative process is for the City Council to introduce an ordinance with the same language as the motion that was passed at the 12/15 meeting.  That ordinance can be introduced at the first meeting of 2016, on January 12.  The ordinance will then layover for 21 days before appearing on the agenda of the February 9 City Council meeting.  The Council has 90 days from the motion date (12/15) to act on the ordinance.  This gives it a deadline of March 15, 2017.  The last City Council meeting before that date is March 9.  Barring a special meeting, March 9 is the effective deadline for Council action.
I have instructed HDLC to correct the section of their web page that states the effective date as January 2017.  Thank you for pointing that out.
Demolition Definition Ordinance:
As I stated at last night’s meeting, the introduction of the demolition ordinance was a mistake that I personally take responsibility for.  The ordinance will be withdrawn and will not be considered by the City Council.  If the HDLC and the Law Department determine that it’s imperative to change the existing definition of demolition, we will be sure to reach out to your organization and others for input and feedback on a draft ordinance before anything is introduced.
The current definition of demolition in the city code that is considered by the HDLC is in Chapter 84, Section 22.  This language is specific to the HDLC. That language is below:
Demolition means the complete or constructive removal by an applicant of a building on any site.”
The definition of demolition considered by the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee (NCDAC) is laid out in the code through a list of exemptions in section 26-6.  Until the HDLC expansion is approved, demolitions in the Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods are reviewed by the NCDAC.  That definition can be viewed here:
Paul Harang
Director of City Council Relations
Office of Mayor Mitch Landrieu

PNA Emergency Vote – Tuesday, Dec. 20th 6pm – 1324 Moss St.

PNA members,

Thursday the City council passed limited oversight by HDLC to Midcity and Parkview neighborhoods. Per our vote earlier this year, they have passed the creation of the Parkview local historic district, partial control (which our representative reiterated is for demolition only).

HOWEVER, in a last bid to actually have further control, at the end of the Council Meeting an Ordinance to AMEND AND CHANGE THE DEFINITIONS for DEMOLITION AND RESTRUCTURING for properties within the jurisdiction of the HDLC was announced. This happened at the end of the City Council session, without notification or public discussion and after our representatives had left the meeting.

Members of the PNA Board have met to discuss what these changes would really mean for our neighborhood (and for neighborhoods across the City). We believe that this change SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGES the HDLC oversight to include RENOVATIONS, REMODELS and INTERIOR AND FACADE reviews. In our opinion, it is an end-run by specific politicians, historic preservation organizations and the City of New Orleans HDLC to put in place oversight and restrictions that are the opposite of what our neighborhood voted for. Parkview residents voted to become an historic district ONLY if it were demolition only as per the existing Ordinance.

We are holding an EMERGENCY VOTE during the December 20th meeting/christmas party. This vote is to decide on giving the PNA board the authority to exert additional resources (funding, time dedication, up to and including legal action) to enforce the original intent and spirit of the demo only oversight as presented on multiple occasions by the HDLC leadership and supported by the majority of the neighborhood via polling.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY MATTER AS THIS CHANGE IS SET TO TAKE EFFECT ON JANUARY 1, 2017, and the Ordinance will be given to the Mayor to sign likely before the holidays.

Hope you will attend this very important meeting this Tuesday, December 20th at 6:30pm Vincent Hall – 1324 Moss Street.

Sincerely PNA Board

Parkview Neighborhood Holiday Potluck – December 20th @ 6pm Vincent Hall at 1324 Moss Street

The Parkview Neighborhood Association will be hosting its annual Holiday Party Potluck. It will be held at 1324 Moss Street in Vincent Hall on Tuesday, December 20th at 6pm. Vincent Hall was recently renovated and has beautiful views of the bayou from the front porch. Please bring a dish to share–a large ham, wine, beer, soft drinks, water and music will be provided.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the following:


If you would like to help, please contact Jack Monroe at  Party set up will begin at 3pm, clean up will begin at 9:30pm.


If you would be interested in bringing a sound system and supplying festive music, contact Jamie Hill at



We will also be collecting pantry items for Second Harvest food bank.  Please bring any donations in sturdy bags that we can use to carry.


Come out, meet your neighbors, and have fun on Tuesday night!!!

Please join the Parkview Neighborhood Association, your neighbors and members of our local police and fire department as we work together to keep our neighborhood safe, friendly and a wonderful place to live!!

This Tuesday, October 18th, starting at 6 PM

At the Harding Triangle, under the lights!!

Bring folding chairs and a dish for pot luck- the PNA will provide drinks, hot dogs, burgers, and BBQ

Come out, meet your neighbors, and have fun on Tuesday night!!!


New Orleans Police Department Public Information Office


May 9, 2016


*NEW ORLEANS–*In an effort to encourage strong community engagement between residents and the officers who serve in their neighborhoods, the NOPD has created email addresses for each of the eight police districts that citizens can use to notify the districts leadership team of community events, community meetings, etc., that they would like the NOPD to actively participate in.

Citizens may also email specific quality of life concerns that require a responsefrom law enforcement. When sending an email, citizens should include the contact persons name and phone number with all requests so that a district representative can contact them.

The district email addresses are listed below.

* *1st District*:
* *2nd District*:
* *3rd District*:
* *4th District*:
* *5th District*:
* *6th District*:
* *7th District*:
* *8th District*:

As always, dial 911 in case of an emergency. For non-emergency issues requiring NOPD assistance, dial 504-821-2222.

Quality of life concerns should be directed to NOLA 311, which is the City’s primary source of local government information and non-emergency services. For live assistance, dial 31.

NOLA 311 customer service agents are available to assist residents with issues Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., including:

* Roads/Drainage;
* Code Enforcement Violations;
* Trash/Recycling;
* Abandoned Vehicles;
* Grass/Tree Service/Park Maintenance;
* Street Lights/Signs/Signals;
* Mosquito, Termite, Rodent Control;
* Taxi Issues;
* Health Related Questions; and
* Recreation programs

Citizens are also invited to attend the NOPDs monthly district NONPACC (APAC in the 4th District) meetings; dates, times and locations are listed below.

* *1st District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 501 North Rampart Street (1st District Station)
* *2nd District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, at 1401 Foucher Street (Touro Hospital)
* *3rd District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 4650 Paris Avenue (3rd District Station)
* *4th District*: Second Wednesday of the month at 7pm, at 2405 Sanctuary Drive (4th District Station)
* *5th District*: Second Wednesday of the month at 6pm at 3900 North Claiborne Avenue (5th District Station)
* *6th District*: Third Thursday of the month at 6pm, at 2020 St. Charles Avenue (New Orleans Tourism Center)
* *7th District*: Third Wednesday of the month at 6pm, at 10101 Dwyer Road (7th District Station)
* *8th District*: Fourth Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 334 Royal Street (8th District Station)

Zulu on the Bayou 2016

Zulu on the Bayou 2016

A Mother’s Day Music and Culture Festival: Featuring:
Rebirth Brass Band
Glen David Andrews
The Topcats
DJ Captain Charles
DJ Jubilee
Zulu Gospel Ensemble
and more to come!

On Sunday, May 8th 2016, the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club Inc., will host the first annual Zulu on the Bayou Festival. This event will be held on the banks of the Historic Bayou St. John in Mid City. Encompassing the elements of the neighborhood and community, Zulu will showcase the best local artists combined with delectable creole and soul food offerings from some of the city’s finest vendors.

Original arts and crafts will be available in the African Village area of the Festival. There will also be a Zulu store featuring official Zulu items. King Zulu and the Zulu Characters will make a special appearance and close the festival by leading the second line back to the Zulu headquarters on Broad and Orleans.

Zulu is a non-profit 501 (c) 7 community based organization. Since 1909 Zulu has been a part of the fabric of the City of New Orleans. World renown for its annual Mardi Gras parade, Zulu has been a leader and cultural icon for more than century. Over the course of the years Zulu has been known for its deep community ties. No stranger to giving back, this festival will offer the very best of New Orleans to all Mothers of our community. Zulu will also observe a moment of silence dedicated to mothers that have lost children due to violence in our city.

For additional festival details, please contact the following

Clarence Becknell for PR/Media inquiries

13116234_10153378484906467_6413538245821295241_o 13119757_10153378484636467_2496348572695345503_o 13087212_10153378484471467_2956505770710623914_o 13161915_10153378480641467_8667698771337055054_o



Hello Neighbors,

Our first NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING of 2016 is being held on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16TH at 7:00PM.
It will focus on the proposed Mid City/Parkview CREATION of an Historic District in our neighborhood, boundaries, levels of jurisdiction, what costs will be associated with each level, time frames, etc.
Location: Cabrini High School cafeteria, 1400 Moss Street
(enter by car or foot into Cabrini Parking lot from Moss St entrance – PARKING IS AVAILABLE
Attendance is strongly encouraged. This is a very important meeting as the proposed Mid City/Parkview Historic District will impact everyone.

Also, you can join PNA’s Facebook page to get up-to-date information/news about our neighborhood. Click the link below to join.

Hope to see you there!

Jack Monroe