Report from the President 11/20/13

Greetings to all!  Just a few words to bring you all up to date on our happenings and an invitation to participate as you can.
Board Meeting on December 3rd at 7:15 p.m.  at 929 Harding Drive.  If you would like to attend please call Jean at 975-7556 so we will be prepared to host you gracefully.
Christmas Social will be on December 17th at the Pearl Wine Bar in the Can Company at 6:00 p.m.  Please plan to come and bring a dish.  We always enjoy one another’s cooking!
We will have a brief meeting before we begin the festivities to discuss the Greener Bayou St. John’s proposal for a master plan for Bayou St. John and its banks.  I know many of you have many and varying thoughts about how you would see the best use of the Bayou so bring them with you.
We will also be in search of new board members for 2014 so please consider volunteering to give a little of your time and talent in this service to your community.  Elections will be at the next general membership meeting in about February.  Date to be determined.
Expect to see a flyer at your  door urging you to subscribe to the New Orleans Advocate.  We believe that The Advocate is eager to be the best newspaper in town for you and the flyer will explain why.  For every subscription we sell, using the bar code, the Parkview Neighborhood Association will receive $10.  That could add up very nicely for the things we’d like to do for the neighborhood. DeeDee Indovina, a marketing professional, has volunteered to head up this effort for PNA and we offer our sincere thanks to her for her service.
You are probably wondering how we made out on Night Out Against Crime.  Well, the most important thing is, it was a delightful evening of fun and community bonding.  Everyone had a good time:  the turnout was good, the music great, and the food was as though it came from the best restaurants in town.  Everyone had such a good time, the clean-up was messy! – but worth it all for those of us who stayed to help.  Thanks for a successful evening go to Bob Holloway who set up the beautiful lighting and secured the garbage cans, the board members and others who came to help with set-up and to man the tables (Barbara Fergusson, Deena Bedegian, CiCi Andre, Angela Breckonridge, Becky Thomson, Barbara and Roy Olsen (at the bbq pitt, Malcolm Bordelon (also at the pitt), Mike DesJardin, John & Mignonne Bankston, DeeDee Indovina Cohen, Cherie Faget) and several others. CiCi and Angela kept the food tables orderly, clean and refreshed and Barbara Fergusson was the perfectly gracious server at the wine bar.  And a big thanks goes to the D.J., Eddie Gonzales, who donated his music for this event! And thanks to Jimmy Prieur who donated 200 hot dog buns from his bakery for the event.  (Jimmy, you’ll be happy to know that the left over buns were donated to a local Church who distributes food to the hungry.) Financially, it was also a success:  The membership table sold$105 in memberships, three of which were new.   The auction run by Barbara Olsen and DeeDee sold $840 in bids, and John and Mignonne Bankston made $146 on their plant sales (which subsituted for the raffle tickets which made less than that last year.)  Good job to all of you and a big thanks!  The membership table, manned by Deena and Becky,  also sold $30 in tee shirts and took in $6. for left over hot dogs.   Donations came to $96.  Our expenses were a modest $274.10 for a profit of $928.90.
Finally, I’d like to commend our members on the great attendances we’ve had at our general membership meetings.  At the June meeting we had approximately 60 people in attendance and at the September 24th meeting about 50.  This shows a great spirit of community interest in bettering  our neighborhood.  Let’s celebrate together at the Pearl on December 17th!  Hope to see you there!
Jean Lichtfuss

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