June 23rd St. John’s Eve Headwashing Ceremony at the Magnolia Bridge

Island of Salvation Botanica and La Source Ancienne Ounfo present the annual St John’s Eve Headwashing Ceremony at the International House Hotel on June 20th and another ceremony at the Magnolia Foot Bridge over Bayou St. John on June 23rd, in honor of Marie Laveau . A headwashing is a form of Vodou Baptism. St John’s Eve celebrates the birthday of John The Baptist and is one of the holiest days in the Vodou calendar.

Both events are open and FREE to the public. Please wear all-white with a white headscarf that can get dirty. Please bring an offering for Marie Laveau. She likes: Creole dishes, hair ribbons, barrettes, hair dressing tools (she was a hairdresser), blue and white candles, flowers, Voodoo-esque potions, gris-gris bags, etc.

Ricky Pustanio’s fabulous sculpted shrine to Marie Laveau will make it’s debut at this year’s ceremony at Bayou St. John. Don’t miss it!


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