Update from the NONPACC meeting on 6/17/2014

Many thanks to PNA board member Angela Breckenridge who attended the NONACC meeting last night during our quarterly PNA General Membership Meeting. I know many of our neighbors were concerned that the barriers from Bayou Boogaloo stayed on the site long after the festival was over. The NONPACC meeting addressed that fact, see below.

PNA Board Update: NONPACC meeting 6/17/14

1. Question regarding incident at Moss and St. John Court: canoe theft (the only incident of record in Parkview area for 6/12-06/18) http://www.crimemapping.com/map/la/neworleans. They reiterated the point: It’s against the law for canoes to be moored in the bayou.

2. Key point of the meeting: decrease in force from 125 to 81 officers in the 1st district since budget cuts

a. decrease in numbers of narcotics warrants down due to staffing decreases; not decrease in crime
b. delays in barrier pick-up for special events result of decrease in staff http://www.nola.gov/nopd/citizen-services/barricades/

3. They handed out this poster to help find someone wanted for theft: http://images.skem1.com/client_id_15553/Wanted_Poster_F-14921-14_2.pdf?utm_source=contactology&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SuspectsSoughtforRobbery-PublicInformationOffice

4. For anyone who may not have their direct contact info:
a. Quality of life officers: Kenny Gill and Kristie Lavigne 658-6010 kgill@nola.gov and kmcarr@nola.gov
b. Community Affairs Coordinator (CoCo): Sergeant Alexis Hawkins 239-0325 ahawkins@nola.gov

Mid-city Security District Meeting tomorrow evening, 6:30pm at Grace Episcopal.

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