End of Summer update from Parkview

Hi neighbors!
Hope your summer is going well and you are managing to find cool moments in all this heat!
Parkview has been moving forward on a few tasks during the summer.  We now have a lovely banner in the kiosk at City Park/Carrollton/Moss off of the bike path.  This banner tells a little of the history of our area, has some photos of people enjoying the bayou, and shares how to learn more.
The mosquito abatement crew came through recently and ticketed, then removed, all left-behind kayaks and boats.  Thanks guys!  This helps keep the mosquitos down, a bit!
Beat up street signs in our area are being replaced, at last.  Some of you may recall how the Harding Drive and Delgado signs, and the Harding Drive at Saint John Court signs were almost completely covered with green moss — well, they have been replaced.   Also replaced are a few street signs that have been missing for a while.  THAT’S GREAT!
The old street lights are being upgraded to energy efficient LED light bulbs.  Crews have already started changing out the bulbs on the exterior streets of our neighborhood (Carrollton, Moss, Orleans) and you will see the crews working on the interior streets soon.
Our NOPD Quality of Life officers will be setting up a neighbor meeting this fall to lean about problems with noise, trash, and events on and near the Magnolia Bridge.  Some concerned neighbors requested that our Quality of Life officers meet with neighbors to let us know about enforcement of late night rules for this area of our neighborhood.  Keep an eye on our website, www.parkviewneighborhoodassociation.org, to find out when this meeting will be held.
We will soon be hosting our annual Firemen Appreciation Fundraiser Saints Game and Potluck —- October 4th. Will keep you posted as we plan this event.
The National Night Out Against Crime will be held on Tuesday, October 13th.  Parkview will host a neighborhood potluck and hotdog cookout on the Jack Bartlett Triangle park (at Harding and Delgado).  If you would like to help us set up, host, or clean up this event, please email Bob Holloway at bobhway@cox.net.
Our next general membership meeting will be held at Cabrini’s cafeteria, 1400 Moss Street, Tuesday September 15 6:30-8 pm.  See you there!
If you have not yet paid your 2015 membership dues, please take a moment now and send in your payment.  Memberships are $15 per year for individuals, and $25 per year for businesses or families.  Send your name, address, email address and payment to:  Parkview Neighborhood Association, PO BOX 791577, New Orleans, LA 70179.
Enjoy the end of this beautiful summer!
Parkview Neighborhood

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