Firemen’s Appreciation Potluck and Fundraiser

Parkview Neighborhood Association invites you:

Please come for an outdoor potluck dinner and fun evening fundraiser to show appreciation for our local Carrollton Avenue firehouse! October 4, 2015, Sunday!

The Saints play Dallas at 7:30 pm, and we will have the game on outside at 962 N. Carrollton Avenue. This is the house adjacent to the firehouse, on Carrollton Ave, home of Wesley and Levi.

Bring an outdoor chair, a dish to pass, and any beer or wine you may want. The Parkview Neighborhood Assocation will be cooking up a huge pot of Jambalaya, thanks to the volunteer chef abilities of PNA board member Stan Richard and his brother-in-law, Conrad. We will also have water and soft drinks available, as well as plates, napkins, etc. Please bring a serving utensil if your dish to pass requires it.

GAME STARTS AT 7:30 pm, so come by for 7 pm, until the end of the game!

Last year we raised funds to help buy the firehouse a new grill – this year lets raise some funds to get grocery gift cards for the firehouse, to put some burgers on that grill!

Lets raise some donations for our much appreciated firemen, watch the game, and hang out with your friends, neighbors, and Parkview members!

See you there!

Parkview Neighborhood Association volunteer board

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