PNA Emergency Vote – Tuesday, Dec. 20th 6pm – 1324 Moss St.

PNA members,

Thursday the City council passed limited oversight by HDLC to Midcity and Parkview neighborhoods. Per our vote earlier this year, they have passed the creation of the Parkview local historic district, partial control (which our representative reiterated is for demolition only).

HOWEVER, in a last bid to actually have further control, at the end of the Council Meeting an Ordinance to AMEND AND CHANGE THE DEFINITIONS for DEMOLITION AND RESTRUCTURING for properties within the jurisdiction of the HDLC was announced. This happened at the end of the City Council session, without notification or public discussion and after our representatives had left the meeting.

Members of the PNA Board have met to discuss what these changes would really mean for our neighborhood (and for neighborhoods across the City). We believe that this change SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGES the HDLC oversight to include RENOVATIONS, REMODELS and INTERIOR AND FACADE reviews. In our opinion, it is an end-run by specific politicians, historic preservation organizations and the City of New Orleans HDLC to put in place oversight and restrictions that are the opposite of what our neighborhood voted for. Parkview residents voted to become an historic district ONLY if it were demolition only as per the existing Ordinance.

We are holding an EMERGENCY VOTE during the December 20th meeting/christmas party. This vote is to decide on giving the PNA board the authority to exert additional resources (funding, time dedication, up to and including legal action) to enforce the original intent and spirit of the demo only oversight as presented on multiple occasions by the HDLC leadership and supported by the majority of the neighborhood via polling.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY MATTER AS THIS CHANGE IS SET TO TAKE EFFECT ON JANUARY 1, 2017, and the Ordinance will be given to the Mayor to sign likely before the holidays.

Hope you will attend this very important meeting this Tuesday, December 20th at 6:30pm Vincent Hall – 1324 Moss Street.

Sincerely PNA Board


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