PNA Update (Parkview HDLC Expansion)


Parkview Neighbors:

Below is the full recap email from the meeting between the City Council Relations Director and the PNA board on Thursday, December 22, 2016. Unfortunately, the PDF he speaks to is too heavy for a mass email so we will either post it to the Facebook page or, if you would like to, reach out to me directly and we can make arrangements. We have done our best to translate this process into simpler terms. 
In Summary:
Paul Harang stated the introduction of the demolition ordinance was a mistake and he takes personal responsibility for it.  The ordinance will be withdrawn and will not be considered by the City Council.  If the HDLC and the Law Department determine that it’s imperative to change the existing definition of demolition, they will be reach out to us and others for input on a draft ordinance before anything is introduced. In other words, the redefinition of “Demolition” is halted for now.
Expected Timelines*:
12/15/16: The motion to create the Parkview Historic District was passed. There is a 90 day expiration date to create and pass an ordinance in order for this to become law. In other words, the 12/15 vote was to suggest City Council move forward to create an ordinance (law) and that motion expires on 3/15/17.
1/12/17: An ordinance in the same language as the 12/15 motion will be introduction at the City Council Meeting. 
2/9/17: The ordinance will likely be on the City Council agenda for a vote
3/9/17: If the ordinance is not already voted on, this is the last scheduled Council meeting to take action before the motion expires on 3/15. 
*At any time, there is a possibility that the City Council will hold a special meeting which means our expected timeline above can be fluid.
Look for an invitation from me regarding the date of our January Board meeting where we discuss our next steps.
As always, please continue to communicate any suggestions or recommendations. And remember, we are still looking for passionate and energetic people to represent the PNA as a board member in 2017.
Thank you PNA Board
Below is letter from  Paul Harang (Director of City Council Relations):
Thank you for taking the time to meet with Ross and me last night on such short notice.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk through the HDLC expansion issue with you all.
As promised, please see below for a summary of where things currently stand.
HDLC Expansion:
At its December 15 meeting, the City Council passed a motion authorizing the expansion of the HDLC to include demolition review in Parkview and Mid City.  I have attached a copy of that motion to this email.  I’ve also attached the City Planning Commission staff report, which is the legislative instrument that defines “partial control” in the case of Mid-City and Parkview as demolition only.  Pages 25-27 of the report summarize the planning commission’s vote to make the partial control districts demolition only.
The next step in the legislative process is for the City Council to introduce an ordinance with the same language as the motion that was passed at the 12/15 meeting.  That ordinance can be introduced at the first meeting of 2016, on January 12.  The ordinance will then layover for 21 days before appearing on the agenda of the February 9 City Council meeting.  The Council has 90 days from the motion date (12/15) to act on the ordinance.  This gives it a deadline of March 15, 2017.  The last City Council meeting before that date is March 9.  Barring a special meeting, March 9 is the effective deadline for Council action.
I have instructed HDLC to correct the section of their web page that states the effective date as January 2017.  Thank you for pointing that out.
Demolition Definition Ordinance:
As I stated at last night’s meeting, the introduction of the demolition ordinance was a mistake that I personally take responsibility for.  The ordinance will be withdrawn and will not be considered by the City Council.  If the HDLC and the Law Department determine that it’s imperative to change the existing definition of demolition, we will be sure to reach out to your organization and others for input and feedback on a draft ordinance before anything is introduced.
The current definition of demolition in the city code that is considered by the HDLC is in Chapter 84, Section 22.  This language is specific to the HDLC. That language is below:
Demolition means the complete or constructive removal by an applicant of a building on any site.”
The definition of demolition considered by the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee (NCDAC) is laid out in the code through a list of exemptions in section 26-6.  Until the HDLC expansion is approved, demolitions in the Mid-City and Parkview neighborhoods are reviewed by the NCDAC.  That definition can be viewed here:
Paul Harang
Director of City Council Relations
Office of Mayor Mitch Landrieu

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