1st and 3rd Community Liaison Officers


*NEW ORLEANS–*In an effort to encourage strong community engagement between residents and the officers who serve in their neighborhoods, the NOPD has created email addresses for each of the eight police districts that citizens can use to notify the districts leadership team of community events, community meetings, etc., that they would like the NOPD to actively participate in.

Citizens may also email specific quality of life concerns that require a responsefrom law enforcement. When sending an email, citizens should include the contact persons name and phone number with all requests so that a district representative can contact them.

The district email addresses are listed below.

* *1st District*: nopd1stdistrict@nola.gov
* *2nd District*: nopd2nddistrict@nola.gov
* *3rd District*: nopd3rddistrict@nola.gov
* *4th District*: nopd4thdistrict@nola.gov
* *5th District*: nopd5thdistrict@nola.gov
* *6th District*: nopd6thdistrict@nola.gov
* *7th District*: nopd7thdistrict@nola.gov
* *8th District*: nopd8thdistrict@nola.gov

As always, dial 911 in case of an emergency. For non-emergency issues requiring NOPD assistance, dial 504-821-2222.

Quality of life concerns should be directed to NOLA 311, which is the City’s primary source of local government information and non-emergency services. For live assistance, dial 31.

NOLA 311 customer service agents are available to assist residents with issues Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., including:

* Roads/Drainage;
* Code Enforcement Violations;
* Trash/Recycling;
* Abandoned Vehicles;
* Grass/Tree Service/Park Maintenance;
* Street Lights/Signs/Signals;
* Mosquito, Termite, Rodent Control;
* Taxi Issues;
* Health Related Questions; and
* Recreation programs

Citizens are also invited to attend the NOPDs monthly district NONPACC (APAC in the 4th District) meetings; dates, times and locations are listed below.

* *1st District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 501 North Rampart Street (1st District Station)
* *2nd District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, at 1401 Foucher Street (Touro Hospital)
* *3rd District*: Third Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 4650 Paris Avenue (3rd District Station)
* *4th District*: Second Wednesday of the month at 7pm, at 2405 Sanctuary Drive (4th District Station)
* *5th District*: Second Wednesday of the month at 6pm at 3900 North Claiborne Avenue (5th District Station)
* *6th District*: Third Thursday of the month at 6pm, at 2020 St. Charles Avenue (New Orleans Tourism Center)
* *7th District*: Third Wednesday of the month at 6pm, at 10101 Dwyer Road (7th District Station)
* *8th District*: Fourth Tuesday of the month at 6pm, at 334 Royal Street (8th District Station)


One response to “1st and 3rd Community Liaison Officers

  1. Ha! The fascists removed my post.

    Dog owners should pick up their dog poo. Dog owners should not put their dog poo in someone else’s garbage can (it stinks); bring it home with you and dispose of it there.

    And loud unrestrained barking (even during daytime) is a flagrant violation of the noise ordinance (whether enforced or not).

    Be considerate of others. Don’t bring down the property values. Don’t change the neighborhood only to suit you. Wake up. Be conscious. Don’t be a selfish zombie.

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