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Quarterly Membership Meeting and Holiday Pary

Holiday Party General Meeting Dec 18 2018

Membership Enrollment Form

Just click the link and download the form, print and send it to the PO Box, or drop it off at our next event. Even if you’re already a member, we’d like all to fill it in so we can update our contact information and membership roles. Thank you!!!

2018 sign up membership form

Annual Night Out Against Crime


October 16th, Come join us at our annual Night Out Against Crime. 6pm – ??? at the Harding Triangle (Harding and Delgado). Sloppy Joes, beverages, and Pot Luck.

Bring a Dish! Meet your neighbors, City Council Rep, Mid City Security, NOFD, and NOPD. Bring the kids and/or your pets (leashes for those puppies please) and support a safer neighborhood and city!!!

PNA needs YOU, Yeah You!

we want you. Joe is a recruiter. He is speaking with John and he

Our fourth quarter annual meeting (holiday Potluck) is just a few months away and guess what?  That’s PNA Board Member Election night. Several of our Board Members terms shall be expiring and we’re calling for nominations and volunteers to help refill our ranks. We need at least 4 people to step up and HELP US HELP YOU.

BLOCK CAPTAINS!!! We’re always looking for more/new block captains. It doesn’t take much but you’re vital in getting the word out and being our eyes around the neighborhood.

Members, Members, Members. If you’re not one, than come join and meet your neighbors. If you are or were one or are one, please remember to re-enroll, update your contact information and stay involved. We can’t help if we don’t know what the problem is.

Thanks all and don’t forget to come join us on our Facebook Page!!!

Mid City Security District Update 9/19/2018

see attached fact sheet for most current contact information, services and related information. Fact Sheet 03



2018 September 19th PNA General Meeting Flyer

PNA letter to City Council re: Ordinance 32214 Amendment to Definition of Demolition

PNA_CC ORD 32214 0417201832214 (2)32214 (2)